Prince Johann II von Liechtenstein

Reigned between 1858 - 1929

Picture of Prince Johann II von LiechtensteinBorn 1840, Died 1929.

After a diligent multilingual education, Prince Johann continued his studies in Germany, Brussels, and Paris. He was accompanied by the social reformer Baron Karl von Vogelsang, who deeply shaped his views on social and humanitarian questions.

In 1858, Prince Johann assumed the leadership of the House and the Principality, which he granted a modern Constitution in 1921 on the a parliamentary and democratic basis. Johann enjoyed the reputation of an excellent connoisseur and patron of the arts. He ordered the reorganisation of the Liechtenstein painting gallery and expanded it through extensive purchases.

In the course of vibrant construction activity, the former family castle of Liechtenstein near Maria Enzersdorf and Vaduz castle were renovated in a historically accurate manner. In addition, the Prince supported numerous museums through generous donations.

As a promoter of scientific discovery, he also contributed to the Pharmacological Institute of the University of Vienna as well as the Academy of Sciences, founded an Institute of Fruit Growing and Horticulture in 1895, the first in the Empire, and financed renowned historical and art historical publications. His engagement in the social and humanitarian sphere was also noteworthy. In addition to introducing progressive social benefits for his staff, Johann gave significant contributions to numerous individuals, welfare institutions, and various charitable organisations. This is obviously one of the reasons he was called Johann "The Good". He never married and was succeeded by his brother.

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