Gamprin, Liechtenstein (including Bendern)

Picture of Berndern church, LiechtensteinThe village of Gamprin, which includes the old settlement of Bendern, lies on the southernmost foot of the Eschnerberg. The name Gamprin is of Roman origin (Camporin around 1150) and derives from æcampus Rheni.


Due to its location, the church hill of Bendern, on the southern tip of the Eschnerberg, was settled very early and was recognised by the Romans (15 B.C. to ca. 500 A.D.) as an important point to dominate the valley.


Bendern gained particular significance in the Middle Ages for ecclesiastic reasons. On the church hill, the men of the Liechtenstein's Unterland swore allegiance to the Prince of Liechtenstein for the first time on 16 March 1699. Previously dominant agricultural industry was followed by the rapid development of industrialisation.


The Liechtenstein Institute is now located in the former church stables on Bendern hill, which was extensively renovated in 1998. The Mary-Lourdes Grotto is located on the access road to Oberbendern (Upper Bendern), and is the only place of worship of this kind in Liechtenstein.


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