Prince Franz Josef I von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1772-1781

Born 1726, Died 1781.

Picture of Prince Franz Josef 1st von LiechtensteinSince Prince Josef Wenzel died without leaving a male heir, his uncle assumed the government of the House. Franz Josef I was heavily promoted by his uncle.

At the age of 20, he accompanied him to theatres of war in Northern Italy and fought along side him in the victorious Battle of Piacenza. He was also among the participants in the journey of Josef Wenzel to Parma in 1760. The following year, he travelled as Chief Treasurer with Duke Karl of Lothringen to his election as High Master of the German Order to Mergentheim.

In 1763, Franz Josef took on a diplomatic function and travelled on behalf of the Imperial House to Spain, in order to bring the bride of Archduke Leopold the portrait of her groom. In 1767, he became Privy Counsellor, and in 1771, he received the Order of the Golden Fleece. He appeared in a public function for the last time in 1778 as president of the Lower Austrian Estate of Lords.

The Prince was however primarily concerned with the administration of his extensive properties, which were considerably expanded in 1772 through the Majorat properties and the rich inheritance of a relative, Duchess Maria Theresia of Savoy.


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