Year-round Sports in Liechtenstein

Most indoor sports could be considered year-round, and there are many in Liechtenstein.

Boccia, a sport like the French Boule, played in LiechtensteinFor example, Liechtenstein's Italian community introduced the sport of Boccia, a similar game to the French game Boule. Sports such as table tennis are also very popular, with one notable success in this sport in the Paralympics - Peter Frommelt has competed in a number of Olympics, representing Liechtenstein in table tennis. For more information on the sport of table tennis, please check out the federation website at

Another popular indoor sport is Unihockey, with an active league in the area. For details on this sport, please log onto their website at

But, arguably the most successful indoor sport for Liechtensteiners in the past few years has been squash. The Vaduz Squash Racquets Club were crowned champions of Switzerland in 2003/4.

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