Ruggell, Liechtenstein

St Fridloin's church in Ruggell, LiechtensteinAt 433m above sea level, Ruggell is the most northerly and lowest lying village in the Principality of Liechtenstein with approx. 1,700 inhabitants and an area of 737ha. The village was first mentioned in 933 as "cortinum a roncale" (from the rätoram. Runc "gerodetes Land" - ordered land). But finds of the Bronze-age show an altogether older settlement. In its history, Ruggell has had to battle with the Rhine with the terrible floods of 1927 is still in the memories of many older village inhabitants.


Ruggell was known for its agricultural produce for many years, although, in recent decades this has declined. But Ruggell is still the village that produces most milk in the country. The agricultural use of the fields may have reduced, but today nature reserves grow from the fields. In this wonderful landscape, a wide range of flora and fauna can be found, benefiting from the reserves. In the early summer, it is especially rewarding to walk in the reserves and along the drainage canals, when the blue Iris flowers.


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