Popular Hikes in Liechtenstein

We have listed a number of walks, detailed on other websites (open new windows):

  • Rätikon Höhenweg
    For the most adventerous hikers, try the 9-day Rätikon Höhenweg - a circular trail that includes Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein - so take your passport!
  • Rappenstein Hike
    An imposing mountain hike to the summit of Rappenstein mountain (2222m) with great views into the Rhine valley, and (on a good day) out to Lake Constance.
  • Schönberg Hike
    The Liechtenstein mountainsThe Schönberg or beautiful mountain is easily accessible, and takes about 3 hours. You start from Malbun and rises to an altitutde of 2,104m (6,903ft) before the path comes back to Steg. Alternatively, you can walk from the mountain restaurant at Sareis (at the top of the chair lift) and go around the base of the mountain.
  • Triesen - Alpe Lawena
    A steep climb up from the Rhine valley floor in Triesen to the alpine huts at Lawena, with great views over the Rhine valley all the way.
  • Liechtenstein Panorama Trail
    A multi-day, 48km high-alpine trail leading from the mountain resort of Malbun, all the way down to the village of Ruggell, with some spectacular scenery on the way.
  • Princes' Way ("Fürstensteig")
    The popular, but often scary high-level path from Gaflei, near Triesenberg cut into the side of the mountain cliffs. Hikers can return alon the 'back' of the ridge to their starting point, or continue on (see next hike).
  • Fürstensteig / Drei Schwestern Trail
    Probably the best of all the trails, but not for the faint hearted. Opened in 1898, this trail cuts through the cliffs high in the moutains, with great views either side of the ridge.
  • Schaan - Alpila - Kuhgrat - Kamin - Gaflei
    A tough day-long walk straight up the mountain from Schaan to the hunter's hut at Alpila, onto the Kuhgrat mountain that overlooks Schaan - at 2,123m (6,965ft) - then through the 'chimney' (Kamin) on the 'reverse' side of the Fürstensteig (you can take this route as an alternative), ending in Gaflei. Take the bus back form there.
  • Princess Gina Trail
    A beautiful circular hike, the Princess Gina Trail consists of mountain ridges and great views with a refreshment stop at the Liechtenstein Alpine Club's Pfälzerhütte hut, sitting at the base of the Naapfkopf mountain.
  • Malbun Panoramaweg
    You can start this via the chairlift, or walk up and round the back of Malbun, heading over the ridge into the Samina river valley (with a stop at the Pfälzerhütte hut for refreshment, and back along the high or low route in the river valley to Steg.
  • Steg - Goldlochspitz
    A day-long hike from (and returning to) Steg, initially in the Samina river valley, then onto the ridge with views ofver Switzerland and the Rhine valley.
  • Alpspitz
    Walking from Gaflei, this is a high alpine walk to the Alpspitz 1,944m (6,550ft) is not too challenging and offers great views.
  • Schaanwald - Paula Hütte
    Up the mountain of the Liechtenstein Unterland, from Schaanwald through the wooded mountain side to the alpine hut of Paula Hütte.
  • Malbun Sassförkle Walk
    Regarded as a gentle mountain walk - this trail leads from Malbun up into the mountains, gently gaining height but never really feeling high. You return along the same path, but with a different moutain panorama to look at.
  • Grüschaweg Trail
    A heart pumping, but otherwise gentle walk up from Vaduz, past the castle to the mountain village of Triesenberg and back again (although you could take the bus back!)
  • Walser Philosopher's Trail, Triesenberg
    A walk around the the mountain village of Triesenberg that should take a leisurely 4 hours or so. There are plenty of refreshment opportunities in the village, and you have great views over the Rhine valley.
  • Ellhorn Circular Hike
    A circular trail around the rocky outcrop that edges the South of Liechtenstein, near Balzers.
  • Eschnerberg Trail
    The large 'hill' in the North of Liechtenstein is the Eschnerberg, with its rolling countryside, it is an ideal gentle walk, but with a great panorama of alpine peaks all round.
  • Bad Ragaz - Balzers
    Starting just over the border in Switzerland, this trail cuts through the Graubünden vineyards of Maienfeld (the location for the novel Heidi), and through the Swiss army barracks of St Luzisteig to cross the border into Balzers (you won't need a passport for this one).


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