Prince Alois II von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1836 - 1858

Born 1796, Died 1858.

Picture of Prince Alois II von LiechtensteinThe education of Alois II was first in the hands of Abbott Werner, a French priest, was then taken over by experts, including Leopold Trautmann, professor for agriculture at the University of Vienna, and the historical philosopher Friedrich von Schlegel.

The Prince continued the modernisation measures of his father and grandfather in the Liechtenstein estates. In parallel, he carried out the reorganisation of the Princely administration. The first farming school of the Monarchy was established in his domains, and his activities for the Vienna Agricultural Society, which he presided over from 1849 to 1858, resulted in significant innovations and reforms.

The Prince was a member of a total of 74 humanitarian, scientific and industrial associations and contributed significant sums annually for charitable purposes. In 1835, Alois II travelled on a diplomatic mission to London. A year later, he travelled to the coronation festivities in Prague. He was among the most regular and informed participants in the Assembly of the Lower Austrian Estates.

His artistic taste, influenced by English models, manifested itself in the neo-Gothic redesign of Eisgrub Castle and the construction of the palm greenhouse there. From 1836 to 1847, he undertook the comprehensive renovation of the premises of the Liechtenstein Majorat House in Vienna in the style of the Second Rococo.

The political views of Alois II were largely conservative. After the revolutionary year of 1848 and on the insistence of the Liechtenstein population, he granted the Principality a provisional, more liberal constitution; but three years later, he repealed this constitution and returned to the absolutist principle.

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