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About Liechtenstein - Sport

Sport in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

The football stadium in VaduzThe sporting achievements of Vaduz overshadow the rest of Liechtenstein in many areas, mainly thanks to the great facilities enjoyed in the village. The football team are in the top Swiss division having been close to promotion during the previous seasons. The Squash club were crowned Swiss champions in 2004, to name but two. There are fantastic facilities for the inhabitants, and the clubs are listed below:

Aikido-Verein Liechtenstein - www.aikido.li
Badminton Club Vaduz
Bogenschützen Vaduz
Dart Players The Oldies
Deep-Freeze Snowboard-Club
Delta Club Vaduz
EHC Vaduz-Schellenberg - www.ehcvs.li
Fit for Fun Club
Frauenturnverein "Rancher"
Frauenturnverein Ebenholz
FC Vaduz - www.fcvaduz.li
Gleitschirm-Club Vaduz
Goldfish Snowboardclub Vaduz - www.snowboarding.li
Judo-Club Vaduz
Kegelclub Vaduzerholz
Kleinkaliber Schützenverein
Leichtathletik-Club Vaduz
Männerturnverein Ebenholz
Männerturnverein Vaduz
MCV Minigolf-Club Vaduz - www.mcvaduz.info.ms
Modell-Rennsport-Club Vaduz
Motorradclub Vaduz
Ski-Club Vaduz
Shotokan Karate Club Vaduz - www.karate.li
Squash-Rackets-Club Vaduz www.squash.li
Tennisclub Vaduz - www.tcv.li
Triathlon Club Vaduz - www.triathlon.li
Velo-Club Vaduz
Volleyball-Club Vaduz

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