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About Liechtenstein - Industry

Industry in Eschen/Nendeln, Liechtenstein

Industry area in EschenThe main industry in Eschen is the large roadside factory of ThyssenKrupp Presta, and Nendeln is dominated by the large Hilti depot at the side of the railway line.

A homegrown company still occupies the southern entrance to Nendeln - that of the ceramics factory of Schädler, which offers visitors viewings of their studios.

Other companies in the village include:

alea Informatik-Konzepte AG
Argus Sicherheitsdienst AG
Elkuch Josef AG
Gerner multimedia
Schädler AG
Kohler Druckluft AG
Krupp Presta AG
Power Job Anst.
Reich Transport AG
Trans Po Anstalt
Tyrolis Musik AG
Vita.life International Trading Anstalt
WGE Verwaltungs- & Treuhand-AG
Wohlwend Transport AG

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