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About Liechtenstein - Triesenberg

Triesenberg, Principality of Liechtenstein

Triesenberg church, LiechtensteinIt wasn't until the end of the 13th Century that the 'Walliser' settled the area, with documented migration from 1355.

The Walliser or Walser originated in canton Vallis (or Wallis in German). In the document of their settlement, it is noted that they were given part of the 'Malbun Alp'.

Triesenberg is a popular stopping point for tourists on their way up to the mountains, for winter or summer sports, and rewards the visitor with stunning views across the Rhine valley to Switzerland. Many of the restaurants in the village are orientated to make the most of these views.

The village includes areas such as Steg and Malbun, high in the mountains, and Masescha, Gaflei and Silum on the side of the valley above the main village. Agriculture has always been very important in these areas, as the land is unsuitable for most other forms of industry. Since the Second World War, however, Triesenberg has become somewhat of a dormitory village for the businesses in the valley floor, and consequently a demise in the agricultural activities on these slopes.

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