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About Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein Sports

Sport in Liechtenstein

Hanni & Andi Wenzel - Liechtenstein's ski championsLiechtenstein's sporting heritage is very rich. Most people will have heard about Liechtenstein thanks to the success of the ski team in the early 1980s, where the Wenzels - Hanni and Andi won World Cup and Olympic races. Hanni's daughter (with Austrian ski legend Harti Weirather) - Tina Weirather is currently a top skiier on the World Cup circuit for Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein regularly sends a good representation to the Olympic Games, though without the choice other, larger countries enjoy, it is difficult for them to compete at the same level. This does not mean that they cannot compete.

Liechtenstein v England football matchThe Liechtenstein national football team has enjoyed some success, with good performances against England, Ireland, Scotland and Portugal (achieving a 0-0 draw with Ireland and 2-2 draw with Portugal), and wins against fellow 'minnows' - Luxembourg and San Marino.

Nationally, there are football and tennis clubs in nearly every village, and FC Vaduz compete in the top Swiss football league, and regularly compete in the UEFA Europa League. The squash club in Vaduz has a team who won the Swiss Squash championship in 2004.