Kaiser AG

Kaiser AG logoKaiser AG - a tradition family-run company demonstrating a great deal of innovation. They manufacture custom vehicles and machinery. Some of the more exotic machines would be a mystery to you, but you have undoubtedly seen the articulated trailers made by the companies hauled along the motorways and roads in Europe.


Picture of a Kaiser digger1913 KAISER AG established as a spinning and weaving company by Josef Kaiser Sr.

1925 Manufacturing of tractors and the repair of cars begins.

1953 Company handed to Josef Kaiser Jr.

1957 Production of pressurised vacuum cylinders (liquid manure containers for agriculture).

1963 First slurry vehicle.

1964 First oil vacuuming vehicle.

1965 First hydraulic strut-digger.

1979 First mobile strut-digger.

1984 First canal cleaning vehicle with water-recycling unit.

1991 First "Hurricane" high performance vacuum.

Today the company claims to be: