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About Liechtenstein - Prince Karl-Eusebius

Prince Karl Eusebius von Liechtenstein

Reigned: 1627 - 1684

Born 1611, Died 1684.

Picture of Prince Karl Eusebuis von LiechtensteinAfter the death of Prince Karl, his son Karl Eusebius (initially placed under the guardianship of his uncle, Prince Maximilian) became Prince. In 1632, after the mandatory "gentleman's tour," the ceremonial homage by the Silesian estates took place in Troppau and Jägerndorf.

The Prince was also briefly entrusted with public duties from 1639 to 1641, he held the office of Chief Captain of the Duchies of Upper and Lower Silesia. His top priority was the consolidation of the properties devastated by the Thirty Years' War.

Financial problems also arose from the acquisitions of property by his father, the legality of which was called into question by the Court Treasury. The resulting compensation claims were in the order of about 1.7 million guilders. Nevertheless, the Prince succeeded in investing considerable sums in his cultural interests. His purchase of paintings, bronzes, rifles, and valuable artistic products laid the foundation of the Liechtenstein Collections.

In addition, he was famous for his breeding of horses and laying the Eisgrub Gardens, and he demonstrated his interest in architecture by writing a thesis on architecture.

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